Vw polo 2002 immobiliser reset

Vw polo 2002 immobiliser reset

Immobilizer - how to reset. Hi, I am new here, first post. My web search for VW immobilizer issues brought me to this page. I have spent the last 2 days reading up on all the fixes and have tried them all, still nothing works, so thought I would see if there is anything else I can do short of taking it to the dealer. Car has been maintained, complete service records, receipts, 75K on the odometer, body near perfect, etc. It sat all winter and I just got around to getting it on the road this summer as I was out of the country.

Anyways, the battery obviously drained, put in a new battery and the immobilizer "seems" to be the issue. I have tried the on button for 20 sec, for 2 hours with and without charger. Tried touching the battery leads together for 30 sec, 30 minutes, etc.

vw polo 2002 immobiliser reset

Checked all fuses, gas is in the tank, fuel filter changed, etc. Car starts then dies after a few seconds.

vw polo 2002 immobiliser reset

Immobilizer light stays on solid, does not blink. One operates the locks, one does not. I live fairly far from a dealer and would rather get it running without that hefty cost as it is an older car. Also, not sure if this is related, but the fan stays on after the car is turned on, even though there is no heat in the coolant. I have to disconnect battery to get it to stop. Any thoughts, suggestions, prayers will be appreciated. Thanks in advance. TDI s : d, 05 jetta wagon, 84 jetta td.

From what I understand, fans will run if ac is switched on and key is in run position. I believe immo light would be flashing if the problem was immo. You might have lost throttle relearn while battery was dead.Log in or Sign up.

This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Dismiss Notice. Cookies Snack. Immobiliser problem slepy Nov 15, I have a problem with immobiliser when I start the car. When I turn the key the immo light starts flashing. I need to try to turn the key few times before it works. Sometimes I have a problem with remote opening the car. I need to open it with key and turn the ignition on to unlock the rest of locks.

Scanned it with vcds today and it shows following codes: Address Steering wheel Labels: 8E Checked Wiki and anything that comes up on google but nothing really.

On most Models these systems are separate and should therefor also be diagnosed separately. In case of Engine Starting Issues please make sure that you are really experiencing an Immobilizer related Problem! On most models using conventional keys, the Engine will still start but cut out after Seconds if an Immobilizer related Problem is the cause. On models using Kessy Systems and Electronic Keys, most systems in the car won't power up at all if if an Immobilizer related Problem is the cause.

vw polo 2002 immobiliser reset

If you are NOT experiencing this behavior e. Instrument Cluster powers up, and engine cranks but doesn't fire at all or engine won't crank this is likely NOT Immobilizer related.

A known issue would be the Length of the Wiring, an optimized Replacement Part may be available 8D Any advice what I should start with? Wiring that goes to the barrel?Volkswagen cars use an immobilizer security system to keep the car from starting when the wrong key is used. Every Volkswagen car has a particular key that works and this key must be programmed by the dealership.

Other correct model keys can still be used to start the Volkswagen; however, when the wrong key is used or someone tries to start the ignition illegally, the immobilizer system kicks in and shuts down the engine.

The only way to unlock the engine is to use the correct smart key. Remove the incorrect Volkswagen key from the car engine.

VW Key Fob Programming Guide

It is possible that the ignition will be locked and you will not be able to remove the key yet; if so, skip to Step 2. This will send a message to your car to disengage the anti-theft lock. Try again to remove the key from the ignition. Insert your original, synced smart key into the car ignition and start the engine. Turn off the engine and remove the key from the ignition. This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Runs, contact us. Step 1 Remove the incorrect Volkswagen key from the car engine.

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Step 3 Insert your original, synced smart key into the car ignition and start the engine. Items you will need Original smart key.

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About the Author This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.Recently Asked Questions What reasonably-priced battery charger do you recommend?

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Tue 26 Jul Wed 27 Jul Related questions. Should I turn off the keyless entry on my new car? Should I turn off the keyless entry or have the changes made it more secure? How can I stop my new keyless car from being targeted by thieves? I will take delivery of a new Jaguar XFin a couple of weeks. One downside is the thought that the keyless entry system may allow determined thieves to steal the car.

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Is my new car more or less vulnerable How do I protect my car key signal from being stolen electronically when my car is parked? Is there a secure way to prevent keyless theft like an engine immobiliser? Ease of theft of cars with keyless entry systems by relay attack is very much in the news.

Is there a reliable way of preventing this type of attack?Quick links. Sometimes the car will start and run just fine however other times the immobiliser light will start flashing when turning the key and prevent the car from starting. The immobiliser light sometimes disappears after around 10 mins, otherwise I have to leave the car be for a few hours before trying again, and then it's fine.

A solution which has normally worked is to disconnect the battery and drain the residual charge before reconnecting however even this is failing to work now. The AA had sent a VW specialist to who looked at the car, he couldn't tell what was wrong with it.

Immobilizer 2 and 3 Key Adaptation

He did mention that there was some water near the fuses near the driver footwell, which was obviously cause for concern. He managed to find a temporary fix by disconnecting and reconnecting the instrument cluster - I have not done this again.

Have any of you experienced similar problems to this? Also, yes, I've read that the real fix includes re-soldering some plug contacts on the pod. It is the wiring from the engine immobiliser aerial near the ignition switch that seems to be the problem - or its contact pins on the dash pod.

Maybe have a look at that other forum site as I think that this has been discussed recently along with links to some older threads with pictures. I've currently dropped the car off at an auto electricians for a full scan, I presume the codes which will be produced will be tbe Engine Start Blocked By Immobiliser and Key Signal Too Low as these seem to be the most common occurrences for problems of this type.

Do you think that I should try and fix the instrument cluster myself? I have a fair bit of experience soldering but I've seen companies online that offer instrument cluster repairs at a reasonable price so I'm thinking it might just be best to send it off to them. I've never had this problem or seen first hand what these dash pod connectors etc look like, but is there not some pictures on the Skoda forum site that would give you some idea before you start.

Maybe extend your search to www. I took the instrument cluster out just now and I was looking at some of the connections. I've posted two pictures on here, showing the worst of the connections; do the parts circled in red look dodgy?

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Also when I plugged the instrument cluster back in, there were 3 beeps and then the handbrake light kept flashing The oil light was flashing too but that went away by itself.

Could this mean that the wiring is dodgy? Have you looked at the www. Note we also left the plastic near the key barel in case that makes the key go closer to the reader on the barrel. I dont think that matters but i thought id add that comment also. By the way on my car, the immobiliser would flash every 6 months or so. Wait 10 mins try again. No big deal. I tried the spare key and that had no effect so i knew it wasnt the key. Description at start of this comment fixed the issue so must of been a dodgy connection or something.James answered 6 years ago.

GuruWGFY5 answered about a year ago. OK here is what I know. Some say to hook a battery charger and turn the key on for 10 to 20 Minuit's. This only works if you have a key that's never been programmed. Or the original key that came out the same car your dash came from.

vw polo 2002 immobiliser reset

I know because I just did a engine swap from a 2. I did everything to get the flashing imoblizer light to go off.

It's a car with a key in it flashing on your dash. I changed my dash gauges and the light went out. Take note I have used the ecm ucm motor wiring harness steering column door locks and key before I changed the dash gauges and all of these parts came from the same doner car. But it wasn't until I put the dash from the donor car that my immobilizer went out. Now my problem is similar to the one in this original post. I have noticed my stereo says safe on it after changing the dash gauges or instrument cluster.

It worked before because I had the original dash for the car. My car still will not start unless I pour gas down the intake. What I'm slowly finding out through research is with out having all the computer components from the same exact car that you can't just go buy one from a junk yard. You need to buy new parts and either call a locksmith to your house to program the key and components and make sure you tell him if you have changed any electrical parts including ecm ucm dash radio key and I think I seen one more box small black box under my dash and don't know what it is called.

If you change the ecm and it's from a different car than any of these components you must send it to the factory or a specialist to remove the key recognition chip and install the proper new one for your components. Now I'm thinking on changing my radio and the one box I found under the steering wheel,since I've changed everything else and it's slowly shutting off security lights as I go.

The only thing I can say about problem in the post it that if you have a new key and the immobilizer is off and you don't have mix match parts. Your fuel pump is out, your injectors are clogged or your relay or fuse is bad for the injectors or the fuel pump. There are diagrams on google for your fuses and relays and also videos on utube. If it cranks and runs bad then shuts off it's it could be a sensor or a timing belt. You can get a rag with Gas's on it and hold in the intake hose and squeeze the gas on the hose or just use a coke bottle and pour gas in the hose about a quarter cup at a time and turn the car over it takes a Minuit but if your coils and spark plugs are good it should crank and run smooth after a few turns of the engine.

Immobiliser problem

If it don't start in this process, first check your ignition fuses and relays again diagrams are on google for these as well as the injector and fuel pump fuses and relays as mentioned above. If fuses and relays check your timing belt and coil packs.

I've heard a million times that your spark plugs make your car run bad but they are not going to completely stop it from running. If gas is getting to them it will start if you have fire from the coil packs and again you can check them with a volt meter as well as the injector pulse at the wires going into the top of each component. There are step by step videos on utube. This is about every possible thing that can stop your car from running except for a incoded or unauthorized part installed in the system.

Also there is a program a locksmith or vw dealer can override your security to your car and it will crank but they need to k of what they are doing or you will be buying and changing parts that aren't coded right. If the car cranks when pouring gas In the intake it's a fuel problem which can be caused by security, bad fuel pump, bad fuel pressure regulator, faulty wiring which usually blows a fuse or burns a relay, bad wire connection in harness connecters, if it's a sensor the car will crank and run bad, I'd start with fuses, and work my way to the more expensive parts.If someone tries to break into your locked car, the alarm will sound and the hazard lights flash continuously.

It's designed to frighten away thieves and attract the attention of passers-by. In order to protect against theft, more and more cars are being equipped with systems that are set off and deactivated via a coded radio remote control. If an unauthorised person tries to open your car doors, bonnet or boot they will trigger the alarm.

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The ultrasonic system also knows if someone tries to get into your car through a broken window. The alarm's interior protection system detects movement inside the car, but a button can easily turn it off if you have to leave pets inside for a short time. The latest generation of alarms has a warning signal that works independently of the car's own electrics, and a time-controlled alarm.

Locking the car primes the alarm, unlocking the car turns it off. Some of our cars include tilt sensors which detect any change in the car's position caused by an attempt to tow it away.

Initially, the horn sounds intermittently for 30 seconds and the hazard warning lights flash continuously. The engine immobiliser has revolutionised car security. It uses coding software to ensure the correct key is being used to start your car. When you insert the key it 'talks' electronically to the immobiliser and the engine which will only start if the correct key is used.

So it stops the wrong user from starting your engine, and driving off. When the key is inserted, a transponder in the key sends a unique code to the car, ensuring that only the correct key will start the engine. You can rest assured that the engine will not start, even if someone has a perfect copy of your key, as it will not have the right code. The KESSY electronic locking and starting system offers you convenient and secure access to your car.

The system has two components: the transmitter and the starter module. You just carry the transmitter - the starter module is built into the dashboard. Within a radius of 1. By the time you're behind the wheel the steering lock has been released and the electrical system activated.

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If the key has been left inside the car by mistake, the system will refuse to lock it. Provided the driver has the key on their person while inside the car, the engine can be started simply by pressing the starter button down fully. But the car key can also be used like a conventional key to operate the central locking. When leaving the car, you simply need to press the small locking button on the door handles in order to lock the vehicle.

For certain models, Keyless entry offers even more comfort and convenience for the saloon. The contactless Easy Open function uses additional sensors in the rear of the vehicle to open the luggage compartment lid simply by flicking your foot. These sensors identify the key, and the system automatically opens the luggage compartment lid. Locking and security systems. We like to make life easier for you - and more difficult for thieves.

Immobilisers and alarms.