Cat names

Cat names

cat names

Creative Cat Names Creative cat names are a welcome alternative if you are looking for unique and unusual cat names. The list below includes creative names inspired by artists, literature and other sources.

But, you may ask, what makes a name a creative name? So what gets your creative juices flowing? What inspires you? I've always found inspiration in art and other creative fields. So here are some names I find creative. This is by no means an exhaustive list of painters and sculptors — both male and female. For more literary feline names, check out this article. And visit our literary cats page to learn more about cats and literature. Do you love film? Are you a fan of theater?

These fields are ripe with unique names. Here are some creative cat names to consider. Some are inspired by actors; others are inspired by well-known characters. Some are common but fun, others are more original. I think that names of colors make fun names for cats and for people. Of course, if you want to name your kitty after their own coloring, this is an obvious choice. But you can consider these names for cats of any color.

Here are some creative cat names inspired by men of science, nature phenomena, scientific laws, astronomy, and more…. I hope you find within this list the perfect creative cat name for your cat or kitten. For additional ideas, you can check this page about unique cat names for male cats. Also check our page about names for female cats. Our unusual cat names page has lots of out-of-the-ordinary name ideas.

And visit the links at the bottom of this page for more inspiration. Keep checking back as new names are added periodically. Pages of Interest Send Free Ecards. Do you Have a Tuxedo Kitty? Share your Story. Popular Cartoon Felines. Our Cats. Mia was lovely, courageous, and one of the wisest cats I've ever met.

This site is dedicated to her memory.When you think of cute things, kittens have got to be pretty high on the list. All kittens are cute, and sometimes you need to celebrate it with cute kitten names. To get you started in your search, we put together a list of our top favorite cute kitten names and split them for both boys and girls.

Try cartoon characters! Disney, Pixar or other cartoon movies have tons of cute characters and associated names. Food names are pretty cute. This works especially well with any sweets! Some ideas:. Search for more cute names. Our site features a cat names search by category where you can find tons of great ideas. For cute names you can start off with the two searches above for cute boy cat names and cute girl cat names. Cookie for a girl …. She was 10 and said she was the sweetest kitten ever, sweet like cookie dough.

Brothers name was shadow.

Cute Girl Cat Names - 43 Names YOU WILL LOVE - Names

Two abandoned kittens in the middle of the road approx. That was 3 yrs ago. Penelope would be a good name too!

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I thought it was a cute name for her. Here are fantastic kitten names that may be just perfect for your little kitten.

Girl: Morgana,suzie,Cleo, and Bart unisex. I have a female calico named Nala. Previous cat names have been milo,oscar, nosey she would even get in the shower nothing was off limits ,triton,and tipsy one ear was tipped white.

My kittens name is Eddy,and I found a nickname for him on your site!Lots of fun pet news, jokes and pics Personal preferences usually play a role when choosing cat names or kitten names.

cat names

However, the cat naming task can still be challenging, so here are a few practical tips that can help you when choosing a cat name or kitten name:. Do you need more help and inspiration finding a suitable cat name or kitten name?

Try the cat name generator in our Pet Name Search to search from thousands of cat names and kitten names in our database. Go to Pet Name Search. Join our Facebook community Lots of fun pet news, jokes and pics What does it mean? Want to know the meaning of a pet name? Or where it's been used before?

Dog age calculator Find your dog's age in human years! You want to make sure you can easily pronounce the cat name or kitten name. It should just roll off your tongue.

The characteristics of cats can vary a lot from breed to breed but also from animal to animal. Pick a name that will grow with your cat. Do you like certain movie characters, actor or famous personalities. Why not choose a celebrity cat name or kitten name for your pet?

Our cat name generator can help with this. Oscar 2. Max 3. Tiger 4. Sam 5.

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Misty 6. Simba 7. Coco 8. Chloe 9. Lucy Missy Molly Tigger Smokey Milo Cleo Sooty The secret to choosing a cute and creative kitten name is knowing your kitty and what you like. Take a good look at your adorable furry friend, think about the most name-worthy foods and celebrities, and browse this awesome list for inspiration.

Your kitten's fur may be her most prominent feature until her personality emerges. Whether she's blackwhite, grayorange, yellow, or calicoyou can draw on your creativity to give her a unique moniker.

If you have a litter of kittens, or you just want to give your kitten a name that has its source in something else, consider a themed name. Have some fun with your kitten's name with one of these punny name ideas. Don't see a favorite? Whether he is a boy or she is a girlyou may still find some inspiration for a name that's original and perfect for your cute little fur ball.

Whether you go the more traditional route and choose a name like Muffin or you prefer more human -sounding names, don't rush the decision if you don't have to.

Think outside the box - maybe the name of a video game character or a unique horse name suits your kitten! After all, this is the moniker your kitty will have for life, so choose wisely, and she may come running when you call her name.

Popular Cat Names – The Top 100 Most Popular Cat Names in 2020

All Rights Reserved.Just want your cat to have a name that's awesome and cool? Keep reading for some cool cat names suggestions! You could go to pop culture for names. Or you could look to history or literature. Or you could just go with something that sounds cool. Human girl names are great for cats.

Since a female cat is called a queen, you can name her after a great queen from history. If she has black fur, you can name her Black Agnes after the countess who defended Dunbar castle. Sheba after the Biblical Queen of Sheba is a popular name for cats, but consider the name Makeda after the Ethiopian queen who was probably the inspiration. If you like Catwoman from the Batman franchise, you can use a name associated with her.

Selena makes a beautiful cat name. You could also name her after a great fictional lady like Galadriel, Morrigan or Guinevere. Shakespeare created some intriguing heroines like Juliet, Ophelia, Miranda and Rosalind. Jewel names are popular with girl cats. Here are some more suggestions. In Irish mythology, there was a hunter-warrior named Finn McCool.

Romeo would work for a friendly catbut Tybalt was the very prince of cats. Tank, Bullet and Sledge are good names for your strong and unstoppable boy.

293 Cute Kitten Names

Some cool names inspired by comic books are T'Challa and Fury. If he likes to lord it up, you can name him after a king.

cat names

A pharaoh like Ramses or Tut would be appropriate. Arthur, Caspian, Odysseus, Midas and Aragorn are great literary kings. Here are more suggestions. Do you have a Siamese cat? You may like to know the roll this breed played in Siamese history.

Whenever a coronation was held for a new king, a Siamese cat decked in gold jewelry would be allowed to watch. It was believed that the former king would be able to watch the coronation through the cat's eyes.

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You should also check out our list of the unique cat names because you might find something appropriate for your awesome little tiger. You might want to try a name with Thai roots. If you really want to be unique, name your cat after your favorite game or food.

Female Cat Names

There's no rules here! Ancient mythology has lots of good names for cats. There's Bast after the Egyptian cat goddess and Sekhmet after their war goddess who often took the form of a lioness.

Freya was a Norse love goddess whose chariot was pulled by cats. In Hebrew folklore, the demoness Lilith could turn into a cat.Pet-specific names like these have been popular for thousands of years.

But as cats are increasingly perceived as members of the family, human and cat naming trends overlap more and more. With this name dominating almost every list of the most popular cat names, you probably know at least a few cats named Oliver. Like a ray of moonshine, cats have a fragile, mysterious beauty. This shortening of Maxwell and Maximilian has massive appeal. According to a Petfinder.

Along with Simba, this Disney — inspired name has become wildly popular in recent years. While Sophia is currently the most popular female baby name in the United States, people opt for this slightly easier-to-pronounce variation when they name their cats.

This has been a popular name for cats since the release of the Japanese adventure film The Adventures of Milo and Otis. The movie chronicled the adventures of an orange kitten named Milo and his pug companion, Otis.

One of the most popular names in the United States during the late 19th century, Charlie has since lost its charm on the majority of American parents. Cat guardians, however, have reclaimed this name as a cheerful spin on the classic English name Charles. This virtually timeless name is almost exclusively reserved for grey cats — seldom for other pets and never for humans. This name evolved in the medieval era as a diminutive of John and evolved into an independent name.

Jack the Cat has a great rhythm. Since people fell in love with the bouncy, extroverted tiger of Winnie the Pooh, this name has been a popular choice for cats — particularly the orange ones. If your grey cat follows you about like a little furry shadow, this name might be the perfect choice. When the iconic Felix the Cat made his debut in Feline Follies, the name was a relatively popular name for baby boys, but has since become a name most commonly assigned to cats.

This cat name has seen tremendous popularity in North America over the years and is currently most popular in European countries. If your striped orange tabby reminds you of a tiger, you might want to try out this name. While Samuel or Sam might be too staid for a playful new kitten, Sammy has a lighthearted flair that makes it perfect for a frisky cat. In Christian tradition, the name Jasper is often assigned to one of the three wise men who brought gifts to the baby Jesus. Names inspired by pop culture trends or edgy icons can spur controversy, but almost no one can argue with food-inspired names.

Arjava, a user on KittenNames. Used in Russia as a nickname for girls named Aleksandra, Sasha at once elegant and sweet enough to suit a playful kitten. This ancient Hebrew name has seen a popularity surge in recent years.

This name evolved in medieval England as a diminutive form of Tobias, an ancient name appearing in the Old Testament. The name became popular in England along with the spread of Protestantism. This name is popular around the world and is particularly common among cats seen as lucky to be alive. In an article on PetPlace. This name originates in Persia and is associated with a fragrant flowering plant of the same name.Check out these monikers for what to call your new pet.

Adding a pet to your family is always exciting, but naming them can be tricky. If you're feline happens to be male, which is highly unlikely if he's a calico, FYIwe have a list of 50 names to call your cat. And if you're looking for female cat names, we have a list of those, too.

If you'd like to name your furry friend after royalty, Archie is a fitting choice. If you'd like something classic, Midnight, Oreo, and Max are all nice options.

Although many of these names are unique, such as Bagheera, Rex, and Spock, some of them are so popular, including Simba, Tigger, and Midnight, they appear on Rover's roundup of the most popular cat names. Make sure to keep that in mind whether you want a common or more one-of-a-kind option for your cat. The first step to deciding what to call your cat is analyzing his personality and see what kind of moniker would fit his attitude.

Then, make sure you say the name out loud to see how your feline feels about it and to make sure you like it, too. Archie: Short for Archibald, this name was originally associated with the aristocracy.

Atlas : In Greek mythology, Atlas was the god that held the world on his shoulders. Bandit: Bandit is a great name for cats with a multi-colored coat that looks like their in disguise. Caesar: If your kitten acts like an emperor in a fur coat, Caesar might be an appropriate name. Casper: Everyone's favorite friendly ghost, Casper is a great name for a white or almost-all-white kitten. Chester: Sincea smooth-talking cheetah has been the mascot of Cheetos snack foods.

If you have an orange kitty, Chester might be the perfect name for him. Domino: Let your kitten's coat color help you come up with an appropriate name. For example, Domino is ideal for a black-and-white kitten. Felix: Entertaining us since the s, Felix the Cat is a great name for a black-and-white kitty.

Figaro: Owned by Geppetto in Pinocchioblack-and-white Figaro has a starring role. Fritz: Fritz the Cat was a cartoon from the mids starring who else but Fritz the Cat. Garfield: Star of cartoons and movies, the tubby tabby Garfield might share his name with your kitten.

Gatsby : F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel centers on wealthy playboy Jay Gatsby who rules the social scene Or, for fun, try Catsby. Hoover: If your kitten grabs every kitchen scrap that falls to the floor, you might consider calling him Hoover like the vacuum brand.

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Houdini: Can your kitten escape from any room in your house? If so, Houdini might be the perfect name.